About Me

Enjoyed seeing snow in October on the way to the airport in Bangor.

Although this site features my photos and places that I’ve been lucky enough to visit, I don’t intend for it to be self-centered, so I will contain that information on this page.

Some Highlights:

  • Currently studying Management Information Systems (MIS) – Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University
    • On track for a May 2020 graduation
  • In addition to being a student, I work about 36 hours a week as a driver for Domino’s 34th St. in Lubbock
  • I founded and operate HubCityBags.com
  • Occasional web-automation freelance programming
  • Eagle Scout
  • Google Analytics Certified

Technical Info:

  • I enjoy designing WordPress websites, including eCommerce applications
    • Very comfortable with HTML/CSS/JS, can modify PHP as needed
  • I practiced quite a bit of Java by taking AP Computer Science A
  • Most proficient in programming using the Ubot Studio web automation IDE
  • For HubCityBags.com, I negotiated with several Chinese manufacturers to get the bags custom made and imported


I’d love to publicly post my phone number and email address, but I can’t keep up with spam messages, so if you could contact me here, I’d appreciate it!

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